About Us

The Asociación Salvadoreña de Operadores y Mayoristas de Turismo (ASOTUR) was founded on September 1997, with the objective of better the incoming tourism in El Salvador. Nowadays the association has 25 tour operators to offer the international tourism market diversity of products, (archaeological sites, beaches and sun, nature, colonial villages, traditions, gastronomy. surf, volcanoes, convention tourism and religious tourism), for students, senior, singles, in groups or individuals.

ASOTUR is member of the Salvadoran Tourism Chamber and recognized by the Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, as the association that has the most important tour operators in the country. The association every year to make different activities for to promote El Salvador in the international tourism fairs, together with the members. Also has alliances with the hotels associations, national guides, restaurants, rental cars, and airlines.

DAY TOUR FROM THE AIRPORT, is a program created in 2015 by different actors which include the Tourism Board and ASOTUR, in order to give transit passenger the option to leave the airport in a guided tour.